2017 Schedule:

Bjorn Thomassen: ‘Silent Revolution or Consolidation of Predatory Capitalism: The Re-emergence of gift-exchange economies in the contemporary landscape’

Keohane & Kuhling: ‘The moral injuries of neo-liberalism’

Rowena Pechenino: ‘The common good and the good-life’

Tom Moylan: Public interview on utopia and the political imagination

Niamh Hourigan: ‘Populism, Experts and the Public Intellectual in a Post-Truth Context’

Arpad Szakolczai: Liminal markets: On the genealogy of modern fairground capitalism’

Jill O’Mahony: ‘Identity in Irish Fishing Villages: An exploration of the socio-economic dimensions of fishing villages in the South and East of Ireland’.

Maggie O’Neill ‘Methods on the Move: walking borders, risk and belonging.’

Ray Griffin & Tom Boland: Between technotopia and moral foundations of Welfare

Pamela Sharkey Scott: Micro Foundations of Subsidiary Entrepreneurship: CEO Activities for Initiative Generation

Damian O’Doherty ‘Learning to be Critical: Getting in and Getting out of Organization.’

Colin Sumner: ‘Criminology, Political Economy and Punishing the Dispossesed: A criminology in reverse and upside-down.’

Lorraine Bowman Grieve & Jennifer O’Mahony: ‘Terror and incarceration: State violence unbound.’

Ger Mullally: ‘Energetic Communities’.

James Fairhead: Praicsis, Liminality and Boredom