Previous years


Sunrise at our previous location: Blackwater Castle, Co. Cork. We have had some extraordinary experiences over the last few years, with visiting faculty from the US, Canada, France, Greece and the UK, and students from even further afield.

For a taste of the atmosphere of the summer school, check out this interview with Prof. Tom Inglis from 2016:



Anonymous student feedback on what they enjoyed in previous years:

All of it, lectures, the egalitarian and stimulating atmosphere, conversations, reading groups, the evenings, the special events and (of course) the setting

The ‘Salon Sessions’ definitely a highlight as were the invited speakers but I suppose it was the relaxed nature of the Summer school was its biggest attraction.

As a PhD student, I really lack confidence in approaching more established academics imagining they’d be too busy for ‘little old me’ so the dedicated time and space to interact with them both formally and informally was definitely the most enjoyable thing. I don’t think there was anyone I didn’t talk to and I think the frame of the PhD school, the content as well as the venue facilitates a particular experience that left me feeling revitalised, more capable and happy. Thanks so much


I really enjoyed the reading groups. It forced you to talk about your own research and to reflect on it in terms of the assigned readings. It was also extremely helpful to get suggestions on literature from other members of the group and to receive constructive feedback from the group facilitator. I also enjoyed the social side of the summer school and found this a great way to converse with people who you might not otherwise have a chance to.


For me, the interdisciplinary aspect was the highlight of the week. I find it very refreshing to be challenged by new knowledge and different methodologies because this is how I learn and improve my confidence. Everyone was so approachable and generous with both their ideas and the sharing of their experiences. The school is excellent in that regard and better than I could have imagined.