Reading Groups

Reading Groups:

‘Ethnography.’: Maggie O’Neill, (UCC) Damian O’Doherty  Manchester University

‘Critique: Perspectives and problems’ : Tom Boland, (WIT),

‘Financialisation.’ James Fairhead, (UCC)

Utopia and Politics.’ Tom Moylan (UL)

‘Government and Organisation’  Ray Griffin & Colette Kirwan – (WIT)

‘Interpretation & Hermeneutics.’ Paul Clogher (WIT)

Students will be assigned to a reading group with 5 to 7 participants based on their research and theoretical interests. Key theoretical readings will be posted to the students a month in advance of the summer school. The reading groups will run on mornings from Tuesday to Thursday

Student presentations based on on-going research will take place on Friday morning.