Reading Groups

Reading Groups:


Reading Groups:

‘Ethnography and the Walking Method.’ Maggie O’Neill (York)

‘Gift-relations and Social Welfare.’ Tom Boland (WIT)

‘Philosophical Foundations of the Social Economy.’ Marcelo Vieta and Tristan Laing, (University of Toronto)

‘Hermeneutics and Critique.’ Paul Clogher (WIT)

‘Actor Network Theory.’ Ray Griffin (WIT)

‘Memory and Collective Identity’ John O’Brien, (WIT)

‘Power, Law and Order: Tradition and Modernity’ James Fairhead (UCC)


Students will be assigned to a reading group with 4 to 6 participants based on their research and theoretical interests. Key theoretical readings will be posted to the students a month in advance of the summer school. The reading groups will run on mornings from Tuesday to Thursday