CREDITS: ECTS (and American)


The Economy and Society Summer School is structured in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) wherein 1 ECTS = 20 -25 hours work.

5 ECTS corresponds with 3 American credits.

The School’s activities may be calculated as follows:

Classroom contact hours (classes, symposia, lectures, tutorials) 5 x 6hrs

Total classroom contact hours: 30

Advance preparatory work from assigned bibliography, and directed reading during summer school: 70hrs. Total: 100hours = 5 ECTS (or 3 American credits)



Students must attend the full five days of the School.

Students must participate in classroom discussions.

Texts will be assigned by teaching staff and pre-circulated to students. Orienting questions will be provided in some cases.

Students will have read these materials in advance, and come to the School prepared to engage with the classes on the basis of this advance preparation.

Students will keep a journal of key concepts discussed in the classes, symposia and discussions, updated nightly, charting the deepening of their understanding of these concepts.

The journal will be presented in a Forum at the end of the course. Students completing the above elements satisfactorily will earn 5 ECTS (or 3 American credits).



In addition, for a further 5 ECTS students will write a substantial research paper (max 5,000 words) on a topic covered by the School.

For example, students may develop a paper around particular theorist(s), text(s), debate, or discussion covered; or they may choose to focus more generally on the intersection between society and economy; or they may choose to write a paper drawing from materials covered at the School, applied to their own research thesis interest. This paper is to be submitted within one month of the end of the school, and represents an additional 100 hours of independent self-directed work, and will earn a further 5 ECTS (or 3 American credits).