Economy and Society Summer School

Blackwater Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland. 9-13th of May 2016

The Economy and Society Summer School will bring together 60 scholars – around 25 faculty and 35 Ph.D researchers in business, humanities and social sciences PhD researchers for an intensive and convivial residential course dealing with theories, concepts and methods of inquiry.

The summer school is tailored to the needs of doctoral students in Business and Social Sciences, and aspires to help early stage researchers strengthen and widen their approach in ways that allows them to position their work among broader discourses, extend and sharpen their understanding of their theoretical and empirical practices and to contribute to their formation as independently-minded researchers. The school will be of particular interest to  PhD researchers from sociology, economics politics, anthropology, geography and history on the one hand, and organisation studies, management, marketing and finance on the other.

The School is a rich mix of conventional presentations, small group work, student-led seminars & discussions, peer-group presentations & feedback sessions; all arranged to promote discussion and argument around your research and how it fits into the broader themes of the economy and society. To that end, the number of participants is limited and the cost of participation is kept low.

The Summer School is designed around three different kinds of learning formats and interaction: By providing these three different formats our aim is to enhance a structured, interactive but also informal way of discussing broader issues around each individual’s research:

  1. Plenary presentations given by invited faculty followed by discussions
  2. Dialogical presentations on pressing topics, this year including Public Sociology, Precarious academic work, Unemployment, Drinking Culture and Victims of state Violence.
  3. Focused reading groups based on selected key readings, functioning as small tutorial sessions on the talks and their relevance to student’s work.

Highlights of the school in 2016 include an opening address by Prof. Laurence Fontaine, (EHESS), a reflective interview with Prof. Emeritus Tom Inglis (UCD) and a trip to nearby Blackwater Abbey with an on-site lecture by Prof. Arpad Szakolczai (UCC); also we are very pleased to welcome guest faculty from the UK and Canada.

University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology jointly organise the school. The event is inspired by and organised under the auspices of ‘The President of Ireland’s Ethics Initiative’ by the Centre for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Economy and Society:


Now open for applications: info.easss[@]gmail.com


In 2015 we were very pleased to host the

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins

who opened the school on Monday the 11th of May

President Higgins Summer school 2

(President Michael D. Higgins with Willie Donnelly (President WIT), Caroline Fennell (Head of College of ACSS, UCC), with staff, organisers and students of the 2015 Summer school)

The full text of the President’s opening address can be viewed at:



Now open for applications: info.easss[@]gmail.com

Or Contact the School Directors: Tom Boland and Ray Griffin ¦@¦ Waterford Institute of Technology,