Conference 2023

Announcing the Economy and Society Summer School 2023

The E+S team are very excited to announce our 2023 PhD Summer Shool will take place from April 11-14th 2023 in An Díseart, Dingle, County Kerry.

E+S 2023 | Theorising at the Edges of the World.

E+S is a retreat from institutionalised academia, a fleeting time away to think anew. While our universities are still repositories of wisdom, spaces of freedom and plural conversation; increasingly the logics of neo-liberalism managerialism encroach upon our careers and lives. Research, teaching and thought itself become measured in outputs and metrics. The hectic pace of entrepreneurial productivity, or worse, the spectre of precarious work, harries our minds and disciplines, making us play peculiar and absurd games.

Against disciplinary over-specialisation, over the past decades the E+S endeavours to create a space of conversation which speaks across boundaries and difference. Theory flourishes at the margins.

Our ambition is to consider the foundations of Economy & Society, things that bring us together and provide the basis for rethinking our shared worlds, from the edges. Just for a moment, we hope to re-think and re-conceptualise our shared predicament: This entails going beyond stale polemics, unimaginative empiricism and the dead-ends of abstraction, and attempting to understand, reimagine and theorise anew. From the edges, another world is possible


Dingle sits geographically, linguistically and metaphorically at the edge of worlds, the most Westerly point of Europe, the precipice of the Atlantic. Dingle is also a liminal zone where the Anglosphere meets Irish, giving us pause for thought, not just about history, nationalism, the state and colonialism, but how language forms various worlds of thought. It is a magical place to slow down, listen and connect. Over a few days in April, we will take the time to ruminate and consider, and try to recapture that spirit of curiosity and generosity of the ideal academy.Our setting An Díseart Visitor Center was founded in 1996 and strives to promote research and cultural activities in this beautiful settling.

For more information on Dingle, please see Dingle Peninsula. 


A full schedule and future details will be available in due course. We are very happy to announce our cohort of speakers for E+S 2023 below:

Maggie O’Neill, UCC

Lisa Moran SETU

Adrian Favell  LEEDS

Des Fitzgerald  Exeter

Chris Rojek  London City

Bjorn Thomassen  Roskilde

Tríona Ní Shíocháin  Maynooth

Tom Boland UCC

Ray Griffin SETU

Paul Clogher SETU

Tracey Skillington  UCC

Ger Mullally  UCC

Kate Kenny  UG

Tracy Shilldrick Newcastle

Damian O’Doherty Manchester

James Cuffe UCC

Further Details

Please check back soon for further details on this event.

Please contact  [email protected] with any questions