The 2021 Summer school is now open for applications!

Deadline: 22/02/2021.


Applications should include a brief outline of candidates’ study to date and research in progress and a short academic CV. Please also supply details of an academic reference, preferably your doctoral supervisor. Please email us at [email protected]. Please see below if you wish to take the school as an accredited module.

Relevant reading materials will be circulated in advance of the school.

Rates: The school is entirely free for successful applicants this year.

Find our Eventbrite link here.

CREDITS: ECTS (and American)

The Economy & Society Summer School is oriented to the needs of doctoral students and advanced masters students interested in further research. It is can be taken as a 5 or 10 credit module; see SC6001 or SC6002.

If you are interested in taking these courses for credit, please email [email protected].


After-Thoughts is a virtual event, run entirely on-line, via Zoom; we suggest you sign up for a free zoom account to facilitate participation.

Live sessions will be run on Tuesday or Thursday Mornings beginning at either 10:00 or 16:00 (GMT), and occasionally on evenings to facilitate speakers from across the Atlantic. See the times on our schedules page (these are subject to change).

Readings – one or two chapters or journal articles – will be circulated for your perusal ahead of a ‘live’ event. The ‘live’ session will last at least one hour, comprising of a short presentation, interview with the guest and opening the floor to questions. After a break, participants will be invited to re-join in a chat room, with guest or core staff for further discussions.

If you are taking the course for credits, see links above regarding module requirements – participation for 24 hours in total is required. If you are auditing the course out of interest, you are welcome to dip in an out of the lecture series and discussions.

After the ‘lecture-series’ element of the course, smaller groups will be convened to discuss research and paradigms, with core staff from UCC and WIT.

Application Form