Schedule ’22

Schedule 2022

‘Returning’ has three themed days (May 10th – 12th inclusive):


Day 1: Rethinking the University – Led by Prof. Maggie O’Neill & Prof. Kieran Keohane


Day 2: Testing Times & Welfare States: Led by Dr Tom Boland & Dr Ray Griffin


Day 3: Engaging Sustainability: Led by Dr Ger Mullally with contributions from Dr Markus Glatz-Schmallegger and Professor Aimee Ambrose


Other invited speakers include:

  • Sindy Joyce – UL
  • John Barimo – UCC
  • Carmen Kuhling – UL
  • Lorcan Byrne – TUS
  • John O’Brien – UCC
  • Katharina Swirak – UCC
  • Maxwell Ayamba  Nottingham University
  • Diana Stypinska – NUIG
  • Fiona Dukelow UCC
  • Joe Whelan, TCD



Each day involves a variety of talks and walks and will comply with Covid-19 regulations at the time. There will be a range of speakers from UCC & WIT with guests from near and far.


*Further speakers to be announced in due course.


            Daily Schedule (all times in GMT):


            Please allow for some flexibility in the schedule, times are approximate.


9.30: Gathering together for coffee/tea and introductions each morning in the Dept of Sociology, Annexe – Donovan’s Rd (Google Map link here), the theme for the day will be introduced and discussed.


10.30 – 11.30. Plenary lecture in the Geography Building – just across the road (Google Map link here).


11-30 – ~12.00: Walking & Talking: All scholars pair off and take a leisurely walk down to the Nano Nagle centre – engaging as they go in a Socratic Dialogue. Explain your research, your motivations, your methods, your key concepts and ideals – or take your turn to ask questions.


~12.00: Lunch at the Nano Nagle ‘Contemplative Gardens’ – with a brief ‘intervention’ to keep us thinking. (Picnic lunch provided)


~13.00 – 14.00: Walking & Talking: Pair off again – reverse the roles take your turn to explain your research or ask questions. (Coffee in the Annexe as required!)


14:00 – 15.00: Plenary lecture in the Geography Building.


15.00 – ~17.30: Walking tours: Opt-in – ideally each group should have around 12 participants. Times are approximate, indicative walk topics below.


  • Feminist walking tour of the city: Prof. Maggie O’Neill
  • Ecological walking tour: Dr Ger Mullally
  • “Flânerie in the 15 minute city: histories & futures”: Prof. Kieran Keohane
  • Labour and the City: Dr Ray Griffin.


17:30 – 18:30: Reflective lecture, via zoom to allow people to audit from home if this suits.


18:30 – 19:30: Panel.


19:30: Dinner, to be arranged.



(We will finish at 3pm on Thursday 12th to facilitate attendance at the SAI conference – 13-14th)


Because of Covid-19 regulations, there are definite limits on the numbers of participants in the summer school. Please send any queries by email to [email protected] / [email protected] .


9.3010.30~11.30~12.00~13.0014.0015.00 - 17.30~17:3018:3019:30
Gather at Donovan's Road for introductory lecturePlenary Lecture Geography Building Walking to the Nano NagleLunch at Nano Nagle
& mini-talk
Walking back, coffee at the Annexe
Plenary lecture Geography building
Join guided walks Reflective lecture (zoom)

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Times Monday 13thTuesday 14thWednesday 15thThursday 16thFriday 17th
9:30 -11 am Arrivals and Orientation: Conveneat at 11:30 in our AulaReading groups Reading groups Reading groups Solitary Reflections
Mid Morning Break Mid Morning Break Mid Morning Break Mid Morning Break Mid Morning Break Mid Morning Break
11:30 - 1pm Introduction: Economy & Society 2019 Maggie O'Neill UCCNisha Kapoor
Damian O'Doherty Manchester Kieran KeohaneStudent Presentation s
Lunch sitting at 1pmLunch sitting at 1pmLunch sitting at 1pmLunch sitting at 1pmLunch sitting at 1pmLunch sitting at 1pm
Afternoon sessions with breaksRene Ten Bos Radbound

Victoria Grace Canterbury NZ
Tom Boland WIT

Jill O'Mahoney WIT & James Cuffe UCC

Carmen Kuhling UL & Tina Kinsella IADT
Walk to Bridgetown Abbey

Abbey lecture:
Maggie O'Neill UCC
Ray Griffin WIT & Colette Kirwan WIT

James Fairhead

Professorial: Mary Daly Interview
Michael Cronin TCD

Closing Roundtable
Dinner sitting at 7pmDinner sitting at 7pmDinner sitting at 7pmDinner sitting at 7pmDinner sitting at 7pmDinner sitting at 7pm
Evening time: Dinner at 7ish, Reconvene at 8ish Bonfire of the Vanities
Salon: Paul Clogher WITSalon: Triona Ni Shiocahin UCCSalon: Ger Mullally UCC Parting Glass Celebration (departures Sat AM)